My Internship Experience

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In November 2019 I started working as an intern at Juniper Marketing and Communications, based in Hackney, East London. Yes, very trendy. Juniper is a boutique, award-winning marketing agency with a range of clients including restaurants, board game cafes and jewellery brands. I absolutely loved my internship experience from start to finish, and was incredibly lucky to be given lots of responsibility whilst working closely with my lovely manager, Olivia, on a daily basis. Not forgetting Nala, our fluffy, four-legged friend who would occasionally join us in the office.

A day in the life of a marketing intern included a range of jobs. Let’s start with a task I would complete every single morning; community management. This involves checking each of our client’s social media pages, typically Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I would respond to comments, reply to complaints and engage with other accounts in order to boost page engagement. This would take around an hour, and it would be my first task every morning. Sometimes I would need to pass complaints on to my manager if I was unsure of how to deal with them, but I picked up each brand’s standard replies quickly.

Another one of my daily tasks would be copywriting for each of our clients. Depending on who I was writing for, I would have to adapt the way I was writing in order to suit the brand’s tone of voice, for example some of our client’s social media would have a relaxed vibe (hashtags, emojis, puns etc.) whilst others would prefer a more formal tone. Typically we would prepare copy 3 months in advance, although due to the ever-changing Covid-19 updates we would prepare content 2 weeks in advance as guidelines relating to restaurants and hospitality would often change.

Photoshoots were one of my favourite tasks. I would sometimes be in charge of preparing the content schedule for each brand, which would involve picking which photos would be created on the shoot. I would highlight certain days and make sure that the post for that day was relevant, for example one of our restaurant’s shoots involved a vegan-related food post for the start of Veganuary. It was important that this calendar was organised perfectly before being sent off to the photographer to look over. One of my personal highlights whilst working at Juniper was running my own shoot at a board game cafe! This was a fantastic creative experience and one I was very proud of.

When it came to the actual shoot, I would attend each one and be on hand to help the team with whatever they needed, sometimes even being involved in the photos to create a more natural shot. I loved going to different locations such as restaurants and cafes in order to create the photos and working with our photographer was a great experience and gave me a good insight into the behind the scenes of a photoshoot. I especially loved all of the freebies that came with the shoots (usually chocolate, wine and crisps). Once the photos were sent back to us, I would edit them to suit the brand’s style for example editing the shape of the photo or adding a coloured background.

Some days would involve having Nala in the office!

Scheduling posts was another task that I would complete almost every day. As mentioned, we would prepare copy 3 months in advance, so scheduling would be the same. Here I would pair the right photos with the suitable copy and add emojis and hashtags if they were needed. I was able to become familiar with tools such as Hootsuite which I’m sure will be very useful in the future.

Every month I would also be given the task of completing reports for each of our clients. This involved gathering data for each brand and spotting trends. I would prepare a full report which would include content creation for that month, examples of community management as well as information regarding our clients following and engagement.

I loved working in Hackney, as it was not only extremely trendy but also a great spot to take photos, go on lunchtime walks and find tasty bites from unique stores. The commute also allowed me to produce the perfect Spotify playlist which I listened to every morning without fail, as well as the occasional podcast. Although the tube journey was usually packed, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My internship experience was amazing, and I was given a real insight into the world of social media marketing all whilst being able to explore a new part of London which I hope to return to again! So, if you’re thinking of undergoing an internship, I’d say go for it! It’s a great way to gain an insight into the industry you might go in to, and you will learn some great lessons and pick up some fab tips and tricks along the way!

Thank you for reading,

U x

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